Load Last Save (LLS) started in the Summer of 2018 from the passion of one grown-up gamer. The mission of LLS is to highlight the benefits of gaming and be a conversation opener about the topic. The name Load Last Save carries a couple of meanings. First, it is commonly used as an option to continue a saved game from where the player last saved it. Second, the words act as a metaphor for the content of the blog: the idea of having these checkpoints throughout your life where you can always come back to
Hi! My name is Matti and I write the Load Last Save blog.
in case something unexpected or bad happens. Outside of games, these can mean different achievements like passing a course, developing a skill or saving money towards your goals. I want to encourage you to think about how games can help individuals develop and succeed in life, instead of looking at the negative effects. Gaming as a hobby is sometimes frowned upon when the player passes a certain age. After all, it’s just a pastime for kids when there is nothing better to do, right? Not necessarily! Think about some of the “good” hobbies you know: playing a musical instrument, sports or traveling. If you are into one of these, good for you! So am I. However, my opinion is that gaming develops an individual more holistically than any of these alone. I know I’m not the only one to account much of my proficiency in foreign languages, teamwork skills, and task management to gaming. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The principles of games can be applied to a wide variety of real-world situations, such as personal development and work-life. To see the connections from games to other parts of life can be an immensely powerful tool. Have you ever thought a leader of a 50 player guild in a massive multiplayer online game actually has experience of running an organization of 50 people? Or that a gamer playing on an international server actually has experience of working in multicultural teams? If you can see beyond the stigma gaming can have, you can start take advantage of these skills. Lastly, I want to highlight that most of the topics I talk about in the blog are based on my own experiences, knowledge, and opinions. While I usually try to base my claims on research, you should apply healthy skepticism when you read anything. I hope you find something you enjoy and will be able to take away something useful from this blog.