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Best Game Music Playlist to Crush Your Goals 2018

In this post, we will go through the best game music of 2018 to help you crush your goals. I put together a start for a game music playlist (Spotify & YouTube) and will be expanding it song by song. We start from some of the gems released in 2018, but the playlist will include blasts from the past as well!

LLS Game Music Playlist: Epic Goal Crushing
Cover for the Epic Coal Crushing Game Music Playlist

One of the best things about video games is the music. There are such vigorous tunes in games they really should be enjoyed outside of them too. That is why I created a curated video game music playlist for epic goal crushing on Spotify! The idea is to pick one track from each game (or expansion) to the playlist, thus giving an idea of the spectrum of music in games. Recently I’ve been plowing through game soundtracks of 2018.

There will be more playlists added in the future. While the first game music playlist gets its own blog post, all others might not. However, they will definitely be announced on Twitter! First up it is epic tracks that are guaranteed to help you crush your goals. In this post, we’ll go through the theme’s gems from 2018.

Introducing the Best Game Music Playlist to Crush Your Goals

1. Far Cry 5 – Our Country Made a Promise

Starting off with a fast tempo track from the latest addition to the Far Cry series. While I’ve never actually played the series, I’ve got to say this soundtrack has many good pieces in it. There’s something about the violin at the beginning of “Our Country Made a Promise” that gets me all pumped up. Despite all the variation, the track keeps going strong right until the end. Definitely has earned its spot on the game music playlist and as one of the best game soundtracks of 2018. You can listen to the track below:

2. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Return to Arms

Even though WoW as a game has gotten to a mature age of 14, the latest expansion just came out earlier this year. The soundtrack is a traditional role-playing game mix of everything, leading the listener from the high seas to grand bazaar among other places. The most fitting candidate for this game music playlist, however, is “Return to Arms”. It has the feeling of a good ol’ RPG epicness, with choirs, large drums, strings, and brass instruments. A very different experience from Far Cry, but no less fitting to the theme. Take a listen:

3. Destiny 2 – Be Brave

I know Destiny 2 itself is not technically from 2018. But with the Forsaken expansion and the base game being the PS Plus free game of the month, it’s still the talk of the town to this day. Personally, I had a hard time choosing a track from all the epicness Destiny 2 soundtrack offers. Again, “Be Brave” has a slightly different feeling than the previous tracks. The marching drums in the background complement the overall feeling of the song nicely. You could definitely mistake it for a song from a fantasy role-playing game, but there’s something that gives away that’s not the case. I’d recommend you listen to the whole soundtrack of Destiny 2, and start with this one:

4. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – From Abysses Below and Beyond

One more song from an expansion. The Summerset expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is up for pre-orders, but the game soundtrack is already out. The soundtrack, in general, is quite basic, much like the WoW one I talked about. “From Abysses Below and Beyond” is the one that fits well with the theme of goal crushing though. As the name suggests, this track has a bit of a darker feeling in the beginning, but as the song progresses it gives way to something “beyond”. You can listen to it yourself:

5. Detroit: Become Human – I Trust You

The beautiful Detroit: Become Human has a monstrosity soundtrack. First of all, it has over four hours worth of listening. If you didn’t know, that’s a crapload of songs. The one of them that made this list is “I Trust You”. It’s a short piece of fast-paced strings and drums, that fits well with the theme of the playlist. The game soundtrack does not have many similar pieces, but definitely a lot of material for some other themes. You can listen to this track below:

These are the five songs I chose as the seed for the game music playlist. What do you think of the choices? I for one enjoyed making them, and look forward to digging into some soundtracks from the previous years! Now that you have a playlist for it, check my other tips for keeping up the state of flow. You can leave a comment below or message @loadlastsavenow on Twitter. And hey, while you are at it, follow the game music playlist for the latest updates on Spotify:

UPDATE: The game music playlist for epic goal crushing is now available on YouTube as well.