Newsletter 18th September 2018

Good day and welcome to the third LLS newsletter of all time. This week we touch subjects like cryptocurrencies, loot boxes and game music. Hope you enjoy it, and as always, feedback is more than appreciated!


Video Games and Cryptocurrencies: A Perfect Marriage: Game economies mirror and augment the real economy in many ways. Digital goods in games have certain value in real world currencies and there are marketplaces to sell these goods. Activision Blizzard co-founder Howard Marks shares how many cryptocurrency founders actually have background in video games.

15 European gambling regulators unite to tackle loot box threat: Loot boxes have been a topic of debate in the gaming industry for quite some time. A recent

Overwatch loot box.

study even equated loot boxes with gambling. Now regulators in Europe are starting to take action against loot boxes. This might signal the end of an era to monetisation via loot boxes.

The need for visible women in esports: Gaming is traditionally been associated with boys. That isn’t the case anymore, and the number of women playing games is increasing. While there is still some hostility towards women in the gaming industry, the attitudes are generally getting better. However, there are still not many visible female esports stars.

Razer confirms October 10th event to unveil Razer Phone 2: The gaming accessory company Razer sent out invites to an event with the hint “Flagship // Gaming”. It was later confirmed that this hint points to the next Razer Phone. Some images have leaked before the event, but no specifications have been confirmed. We will see if the phone can stand up to its competition in mobile gaming.


This week I’ve been hard at work with a couple of new posts. I’m also expanding to Spotify to create curated video game soundtrack playlists, each of them with a specific mood or theme. The first ones up are the Epic Goal Crushing and Like a Villain soundtracks. There will be more songs added later on, and new playlists will be published gradually. If you have a theme in mind and would like to see a playlist, drop me a message on social media!

Other than that I have three topics I would like to expand on:

  1. How video game streamers build their brand and presence online
  2. Gaming industry for those who are less aware of it
  3. Gamification in personal life

On the technical side I’ve once again spent the week doing more search engine optimisation tweaks. That’s a lot more work than I initially anticipated, but I would imagine once you get used to doing it, it will get easier. The second aspect of the blog I’m working to improve are pictures. As you might have notices, there aren’t many. That’s because my gear is a bit out of date, and I’m reluctant to use stock photos. We’ll see how the situation develops. I also made my first cents from advertisement last week. Now that I know how people monetise their sites with ads, I’ve disabled my own adblocker software.

Gamer life


This week I’ve put some hours in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The graphics and parkour system of the game are beautiful, but after the story is done it gets dull very quickly. I did manage to get the platinum trophy out of it though! I’ve put a few hours to Destiny 2 and No Man’s Sky this week as well. Both of them are probably going to stay in my rotation for a few more weeks.

Movies and series

Netflix released a new Bleach movie last week, and I have to say I really liked it. The actors did a good job bringing the characters alive and the fighting scenes were quite polished in my opinion. I also watched another anime adaption movie last week: Ghost in the Shell. I haven’t seen the anime or read the manga, but the movie was a good sci-fi action film nevertheless.

Destiny 2 companion on iOS. Those collections are not going to fill themselves!

This week I’ve been trying to find new apps to improve my workflow. I’ve been researching which tasks I could (and should) automate with IFTTT and Zapier. I set up an IFTTT alert for free Steam games, and alerts do seem like a handy way to use the app. While playing Destiny 2, I noticed the companion app to be somewhat useful as well. You can see the available milestones, browse triumphs and collections and manage clans and fireteams. Other than that, I downloaded some blog-related apps like Google Analytics and AdSense, plus WordPress app. These will help me to keep updated while on the move.

That’s it for this week’s newsletter! Hope you were able to find some value of it. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you did.