Newsletter 2nd October 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the newsletter. Once again, it’s been a busy week on the blogging front so let’s get to it.


Ubisoft Breathes Sigh of Relief as Vivendi Lays Out Plan to Sell All Remaining Shares: The French media house Vivendi had previously acquired Ubisoft shares and attempted a takeover of the company. Now Vivendi has laid out a public plan to sell the rest of its stake in Ubisoft.

Oculus’ Quest is the first true VR game console: Oculus announced a new VR device in its Connect developer conference. This time its focused on gaming, and considering its portability, I would say it has its perks. The retail price will be $400, so it’s positioned between the PS VR and the high-end VR devices.
How male video game characters awakened my sexuality as a teen girl: Jess Joho talks about her video game crushes on Mashable. Video game leads are predominantly male, but the gamers are of both sexes. While it might be easy for a man to assimilate with a male protagonist, it might be harder for a woman.
Newzoo’s Peter Warman: Why big brands are diving into esports sponsorships: Brands not associated with gaming are finally starting to find esports. It’s a huge new medium for many. Companies have a chance to reach customers who they previously had no chance to reach.


Once again a new experimental section. This is a brief summary of things that I have found valuable this week, and would like to share with the followers of the blog.

  • Noisli: Noisli is a website that serves ambient noise to help people focus or relax. The noises available include, for example, nature, coffee shop and white noise. I found Noisli very helpful last week when I could not get into the zone.
  • Soundflower: If you are looking to get into the podcast game with your Mac, I would recommend checking out Soundflower. It allows you create new audio devices so you can record your calls via Discord or Skype. I used it to record the podcast straight to GarageBand.
  • Buffer: Buffer is a social media scheduling assistant. It lets you determine your own pace of posting and send those updates into a “buffer” to be posted at a later time. I’m currently using the app to run the blog’s social media updates.


Like I said, I’ve been keeping myself busy for the past week. We had our first podcast recording and the first episode of the LLS podcast is up. I’m looking forward to continue the podcast interviews with more streamers. It’s certainly one of those rapidly growing, emerging areas I would like to be involved with.
This week I also started signing up for affiliate platforms to monetize the blog. There are so many different platforms to choose from, and there’s no telling which brands are on which before you sign up. I’ll just start with one of them and see how it goes.
I’m also looking to improve my writing workflow. I downloaded Blogo, but it is still too early to say whether or not it will improve my workflow. This is the first post I’m writing on the app. There are no extensions for Blogo, so I cannot use Grammarly, which has been useful in correcting my grammar mistakes in the past.

That’s all for the newsletter this week. It was a bit shorter than usually, but I was also celebrating my birthday last week, and did not do as much work. As always, leave me a comment below!