Newsletter 4th September 2018

Hello everyone, this is the first edition of the LLS Newsletter. The idea is to bring subscribers a weekly, curated list of gaming related articles, research and a little of what is going on in the blog and my life in general. If you have improvement or content suggestions, I’m all ears!


Strategy over speed: How video games prepared me for life as a product manager: Ulaize Hernandez Troyas, a product manager at Intercom, talks about how she developed strategic thinking—among other skills—by playing video games. Definitely an inspirational read. If you liked it, you can check out my thoughts on the topic.

Has GameStop Hit Bottom?: The transfer to digital games is eating away at the share of brick and mortar stores like GameStop. They will definitely have to come up with new, innovative ways to make business in the future. If you are into the stock market like I am, check out what Seeking Alpha tech investment professional Erich Reimer has to say about the future of GameStop.

Tencent shares plummet by $20 billion thanks to Chinese regulations: Another interesting piece of stock market related news, new Chinese regulation recommends restrictions to the amount of games accepted for distribution. PUBG developer Tencent saw a $20 billion decrease in its market value as a reaction. Everything is connected!

Gaming addiction: It’s not for how many hours you play: Media scientist Jörg Müller-Lietzkow talks about why the World Health Organization definition for a new mental health condition called “Gaming disorder” is wrong. When it comes to addictions, the effect gaming has on a person is a much more important factor than the time you spend playing.


Among other cool things I’m also a huge Harry Potter geek. I was always so fascinated with the world J. K. Rowling built, and it must be one of the top series that has influenced me as a person. With this I’m pleased to introduce this week’s research highlight: a paper titled “Enter Hogwarts: Lessons on how to gamify education from the wizarding world of Harry Potter”. The authors Hassan, Harviainen and Hamari are  gamification and educational gaming scholars.

The paper offers a take on the age-old question of how to stay motivated to do something productive. The authors do so by borrowing some spells from the first Harry Potter book. Who would not like to study like Hogwarts students? 

If you have never given thought to how Hogwarts education seems so much more interesting than what us muggles go through the paper is definitely worth reading. The authors also have a say about the house point system that seems to favour certain kind of behaviour..


The first week of writing the blog is behind me, and I have to say I feel motivated to continue!  I’ve received positive feedback and lots of suggestions for new posts. All the related tools and techniques for getting the most out of the blogging experience are also satisfying my need for continuous learning.

This week LLS has seen daily page visits ranging from 5 to over 100 visits. I have to say that tracking the visitor statistics in Google Analytics and WordPress tools can become quite addictive and game-like. Other tools I’m experimenting with this week are Google Alerts, Search Console, AdSense and Amazon Associates. I am also actively looking for guest posting opportunities in gaming related blogs. Bloggers and tutorials I’ve been finding value in this week include Matthew Woodward and Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents.

I’m also reaching out to other successful bloggers for tips on how to get started. If you have valuable lessons to share, I would appreciate it! You can also reach out to me if you want to collaborate.