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Learn to code with games

Did you think there would be content here? Well, there will be!

Virtual and physical classroom trainings under development

Made for you

All classrooms are tailor-made for the audience. After all, we are all different.

As easy as it gets (in the real world)

We don’t rely on drag-and-drop interfaces to hide the code. Neither do the professionals.

Suitable for all ages

Designed to be an accessible start to programming your own games, from elementary schools to elders.

Tangible results

The beauty of games is that there is always something concrete for you to see. No black and white terminal text!

Hi there! My name is Matti and my mission is to show the world the good games can do. I am developing a classroom training to make programming easily accessible for all ages. Does that sound good? I think so too. Drop me an email and we’ll discuss how we can help your class get started.