Pug Fix subscriptions

Both of our subscription options include full features of Pug Fix when it is released in the fall of 2020. If you pre-order Family Fix subscription now, you’ll be the first to know when it’s available! Plus you’ll help a startup company stay in business, which is also pretty great.
Pug Fix is suitable for kids ages 7 to 12. We are available in English, Finnish and Swedish!
Summer deal! Pre-order and save 35%!



One year subscription for families and small groups (starting from the date we release the game). No automatic renewals!

You will get access to the following features of the full Pug Fix experience, when we release the game in the fall of 2020!

Up To 3 Player Profiles
Full Game Content
Full Game Features
Play on laptop, tablet and phone
Customer Service


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Schools, classrooms and clubs

Full Game Content
Full Game Features
Curriculum Support
Teacher Tools
Progress Analytics
Customer Service